For Women Who Refuse To Accept Pelvic Floor Challenges

Reverse Pelvic Floor Dysfunction With Short, Easy To Follow Exercises
Learn how thousands of women have transformed their pelvic floor in 10-15 minutes a day without surgery, medication, or hundreds of kegels

Eliminate leaking, urgency, back pain, tension and pressure while improving your whole-body health.
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Something Has To Change....
As women, we're told that light bladder leakage is "part of being a woman"...

We're told that pelvic organ prolapse is "just another part of aging"...

We're told that surgery and medication are our only options...

These statements are tragic. And they're NOT True.

❌ Leaking pee when you cough, sneeze or lift something is not normal... 

❌ Waking 2-3 times a night to pee is not normal... 

❌ Living in fear of peeing your pants is not normal... 

❌ Wearing pads every day "just in case" is not normal... 

❌ Limiting how much water you drink to avoid peeing is not normal... And is terrible health advice...

Why do we accept this? 

Why do some experts tell their patients that pelvic floor exercise doesn't work? 

We have good evidence that proves this is not true. 

Plus, I have thousands of examples showing the effectiveness of Buff Muff Exercises. 

I want every woman who struggles with pelvic floor issues to know this:

It's never too late. You are not broken. 

There's a lot you can do to re-train your pelvic floor, and finally feel free again. 

All you need is 15 minutes a day, and a set of exercises that are customized to your unique situation. 

And that's what my Buff Muff Method is...

I've taken the most effective exercises, and put them into a simple to follow program, that is accessible to all women.

I've seen these exercises work for...

✅ Women who've given birth to 11 babies...

✅ Women in their 90's 

✅ Women who've lived with incontinence for over 20 years... 

I've witnessed these transformations, and I want to witness yours too...
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Why Is The Buff Muff Method So Effective?

Unlike surgery, medication, or "squeezing" your pelvic floor muscles...

The Buff Muff Method addresses ALL the ROOT CAUSES of your incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse symptoms. 

It reminds the muscles how they're supposed to work.

It wakes up "sleepy" muscles...

It teaches the tight muscles how to relax.

It shows the pelvic floor muscles how to work together again, as part of the core.

This is why it's been able to help so many women reverse their pelvic floor problems, and KEEP them away. 

It's often a complex problem, and it it needs a holistic solution.

The good news is, you only need 10-15 minutes a day.

This Method Has Worked For Over 6,000 Women

Here are some of their stories:

Here's What You Get When You Join The Buff Muff Method:

Inside the Buff Muff App and website, you get everything you need to start reversing your symptoms now. A short video course, exercise demonstration videos, a self-assessment and a meal plan...

All designed to get you making progress as soon as possible.

Step 1: Learn

Quickly understand what's REALLY causing your symptoms, and what you need to do to get rid of them.

Step 2: Self-Assessment

Find out how bad your symptoms really are, and how to track your progress.

Step 3: Release

Release tension in key muscles, and learn to let go of this "gripping" that many of us didn't know we had.

Step 4: Strengthen & Integrate

Follow a short routine that targets all the root causes of your symptoms, and gets rid of them for good.

The Buff Muff Method Is Recommended By Pelvic Floor Professionals

The following are non-paid endorsements:
"Kim has created a resource that is evidence-based, safe, and easy to understand. Short videos demonstrate and explain the exercises, in workouts that range from beginner or easy to more difficult. This allows for progressively more challenge to the muscles, a necessary feature for building better muscles."

- Gillian McCormick, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist
"Kim has put lot of energy and depth of knowledge into building this program to support people to access resources from the comfort and safety of their home." 

-Jodie Pulsifer, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist
"Kim weaves together education, advocacy, and inspiration creating a call to action for all of us committed to advancing women’s pelvic wellness."

-Dr Darren Lazare, Urogynecologist
The Buff Muff Method Changed My Life...
When I was young, I saw my mother struggle with incontinence. 

She shared with me her frustration, her worry, and I watched as it affected her life. 

She started to limit the activities she was doing. 

She even stopped running which was always a big part of her life.

I watched her struggle for years.
Until one day she told me she was scheduled for surgery - a bladder sling for her incontinence...

After watching her go through this, I was convinced that pregnancy and childbirth were not something I wanted.

I held this belief that giving birth would ruin me, and I would be forced to live with all sorts of issues after the fact.

I believed this for a long time, until I saw my sister in-law give birth. She had a normal, physiological birth and it was beautiful... Eye opening for me. 

Definitely not what I had seen in the movies or the picture I had in my head of what my mom experienced.

As my sister in law recovered, so did her pelvic floor. I watched her return to her normal activities and she seemed to be fine! 

The experience of watching my niece being born inspired me to have children, and I'm so thankful I did. 
Before my first birth (almost 20 years ago), I wanted to do everything I could to avoid the issues my mom had. 

So I exercised, I ate healthy, I did kegels and I even used a birth prep device called the EPI-NO. I gave birth to my 2nd son 2.5 years after my first. And I have 2 beautiful boys that I am so proud of. 
I did not have any tearing with either birth and I thought because of that I was in the clear!  

And then about 5 months after the birth of my second son, I started to leak pee when I ran... 

Eventually I started to limit certain activities like lifting heavy or doing any sort of jumping exercise... because I just didn’t feel strong.

I was a personal trainer at the time and I had started a business with the intention of helping women prepare for birth…so they could avoid leaking …but how would they trust me if I was leaking? 

This was the first time I realized how much the pelvic floor affects our quality of life

I even began to worry about being intimate with my husband... 

I started to do some research of my own, and when I read about the most common treatments in North America, I was devastated.

Something about our “normal” treatments didn’t feel right to me.

❌ There was overactive bladder medication…which is known to cause dry eyes, a dry mouth and a dry vagina… 

❌ Of course there was surgery like a bladder sling, or even a hysterectomy…

❌ Or there was the option to wear pads every day … 

None of these options felt like they were addressing the root cause. And I knew, deep down, there had to be another way. 

Thankfully, I learned about Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy... 

I had never heard of this profession and when I learned first hand what they do, I was astounded that this therapy was not more widely known about and used.

I learned about how the pelvic floor works, what can interfere with function and that there were simple exercises I could do to fix the leaks.

This was when things started to shift for me. When I began to have hope again...

And when I started to apply fitness principles I had been using as a personal trainer to the pelvic floor…. Everything changed.

Very quickly the leaks were gone and I began to blend the pelvic floor exercises I was doing with full body training.

I was able to run again. I felt stronger and more confident and wanted to tell every woman I met about this secret.

Several years later, as I was going through perimenopause I developed an autoimmune thyroid condition. 

I started to experience constipation for the first time in my life and I was so confused - I hadn’t changed anything yet I was having trouble pooping well!

I ended up developing an early stage rectocele and a stage 2 uterine prolapse. 

By this time I was well into my pelvic health business and was always researching. I learned about a technique being used in Europe called the Hypopressive method that was helpful for prolapse.  

Once I learned the technique and practiced consistently, my uterine prolapse completely disappeared in about 3 months.
This was over 12 years ago and I am still laughing, lifting, running and jumping without leaks or prolapse symptoms.

I sleep through the night... I lift heavy weights... I do intense exercise... and work hard to keep my body strong even now that I am post menopause.

It is my life’s mission to spread the word about these exercises, and to teach them to my personal training clients... 

So that's how I became the Vagina Coach, and what has led me here... 

Social media has allowed me to spread this knowledge far and wide, and I'm so honored and thankful I get to help so many women every single month.

If you're still reading this, I want you to know there is a lot you can do. 

You have so many options, and you can choose exercise and lifestyle changes OVER surgery and medication. 

Your body is not broken. It just needs to be reminded what to do, and how to do it. 

And my Buff Muff Method is the perfect way to do that. 

In my opinion - this is the best alternative that exists… 
The 4 steps to a buff muff


Understand the root cause of pelvic floor dysfunction and how to re-train yours.


Perform a self-assessment to understand what is causing YOUR symptoms.


Release tension in key areas - most women don't realize how much tension they hold in their pelvic region.


Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and integrate them with full-body movement


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Regular Price: $97
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Create Your Account
Upon signing up, you'll receive an email with login instructions to the website. Login and begin watching the introduction videos.

Watch Pelvic Health 101
This series of videos will outline the latest research in pelvic health, and help you understand WHY you're doing the exercises I've provided. It's only an hour of learning - and will help you customize the program to your unique issues.


Download the Bladder Diary
We want to track your progress. We'll start by outlining how many times you use the bathroom, and how many times you leak unexpectedly or have urgency.

Do The Pelvic Health Assessment Quiz
Find out what your symptoms mean and how to best tackle them.


Learn The Foundation Exercises and Then Do Your First Workout
Open the app and watch the exercise videos and then follow along with the workout videos provided. These will focus on releasing tension, and building strength, while integrating your pelvic floor into whole body movement.


Continue Daily Workouts
Stay consistent - it's only 10 minutes a day.

Track Your Progress
You will notice a change and reduction in your symptoms by weeks 2 or 3.

Notice Side Benefits
Buff Muff Exercises incorporate FULL-BODY movement so you will begin to notice more tone in your muscles, improved heart rate, lower stress levels from daily endorphins and more...


Keep going, and watch your symptoms disappear. 
This Offer Won’t Last Long...
For a limited time, I'm offering the Buff Muff Method for $80 OFF. 

I'm doing this because I want to help as many women as possible, and show them the value of these exercises. 

I know that once you try them, you will see results and may even tell your friends... 

And this will have a ripple effect - freeing women from pelvic floor challenges. 

You May Be Wondering... 

"What If This Method Doesn't Work For Me?"
Well... That's Why I Have...
The Buff Muff Guarantee
I don't want anything to get in the way of you experiencing pelvic floor freedom. 

Even though this method is only $17... I want to take all the risk off of you today.

So, here's what I'm going to offer you...

If you join this program, and you implement the exercises I teach you, and you do them for 4 weeks and you don't experience any change in your symptoms...

Send me an email, and I'll give you a full refund. No questions asked. You can even keep access to the content. 

I've seen this program work for so many women, and I've offered this guarantee of every product I've sold. The number of people who request a refund is less than 0.5%.

And since you’ve made it this far, I'm going to assume that what I've shared resonates with you. 

You're clearly committed to restoring and reviving your pelvic health function. 

So, what are you waiting for? Click the link below and join the program!
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 Frequently Asked Questions
Is this a subscription or one time payment? 
This is a one time payment of $17 for lifetime access the the Buff Muff Method.

How long will I have access to this content? 
Until the end of time. 

What Currency do you charge in?
As an online business with a global customer base, we charge in USD which is the generally accepted currency for international business.

Do I need any special equipment? 
The exercises and workouts I have provided inside require no equipment and can be done pretty much anywhere.

When is the best time to start? 
Today is the best time to start. You will get login details sent to you via email that will open up immediate access to the Buff Muff app. You will start with some learning in Pelvic Health 101 (it is several small video lessons of about 2-5 minutes each and will take about an hour to complete total time). 

Once you have completed Pelvic Health 101 you can get started on the workouts.

Is this available worldwide? 
Yep! If you can download an app to your phone you can join the Buff Muff Method.

Can I watch the workouts on my TV, computer or iPad? 
Yep! You can login to the webapp. Alternatively you can screencast your phone to your tv.

Can I download the exercises and do them offline? 
You have life-time access to the Buff Muff Method inside the Buff Muff App. 


Join today for only $17 USD

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